Childhood Development: What’s normal and what’s not

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Ever wonder why your child looks like they are flatfooted or pigeon-toed?  It all could be part of normal development.  I have a 5 year old and an infant so I have been watching feet grow and can sympathize with the concerned parent.  Most have heard that flat feet are bad and can cause problems in the future.  We all want what’s best for our children and many of us make huge sacrifices to achieve those goals.

Normal development:

Bowed legs are normal through the toddler years (2-4) and sometimes it is very pronounced earlier in that time frame and will slowly improve. Flat feet are common in early walkers and can stay flat through 6-8 years of age.  At this time the knee/leg relationship becomes more like an adult and children usually don’t grow out of a foot condition after about 8 years old.

When to see a podiatrist?


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