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Our April Newsletter! – NMFA Institute👣

Our March Newsletter! – NMFA Institute👣

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Ho-Ho-Holiday help for your feet 🎄

Have Flat Feet? 🙋

What to look for in shoes for bunions 👟

Own Your Health: Health Savings Account (HSA) ✅

Exercises for People With Diabetes 🙆

The Prediabetes Diet Everyone Should Follow ⏩

Stay on top of your foot health ⏫

Excercises and Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis ❇

Pain between your toes after running? 🏃

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Walking & How to Fix Them 🚶

The Do’s & Dont’s of Preventing Falls 👴

How to Prevent Falls at Home 👍

The Benefits of Exercising Outside 👫

Falls Prevention Exercises 🙆

Healthy Feet Can Reduce Your Risk of Falling 📢

Keep Feet Safe on Hot Surfaces 🔥

Back-to-School Shoe Shopping Tips 🚌

Foot And Ankle Pain Continued 💥

More Things To Know About Foot And Ankle Pain 👍

Important Things To Know About Foot And Ankle Pain 😲

Itchy Feet? 😳

Sweaty Feet? 💧

Make Walking a Workout 🚶

“Pool Toe” 🏊

Don’t walk – RUN ?

Help! My feet smell!! ♨

Swollen & painful feet while pregnant ?

Who’s ready for summer? ?

OH!!! The agony of a stubbed toe ?

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ball-of-Foot Pain ?

Put your best foot forward

Get rid of dead skin on your feet ?

Today’s Podiatrist Keep America Active ?

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month ?

National Doctors’ Day ?

Not everyone is born with perfect feet!?!

I received my orthotics, now what?

Cash for Clunkers ?

What’s our not-so-secret weapon to combat foot pain?

Is it time to replace your workout shoes ?

We have the TOOLS to treat your hammertoe ?

Is your ♥ messing with your feet?

When Is Hammertoe Surgery Necessary? ?

A pandemic of broken toes ?

Foot pain is SO 2020!

Fungus Amungus? ?

Happy New Year ?




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