More Testimonials

“Very pleasant.  Dr. Ivey was very patient and thorough.  He explained every detail in response to patients questions.  Staff is very professional and caring.  Love to come back!” Lena 7/31/18


“It went very fine.  Dr. Tenny was very helpful and everyone was very friendly.” Pleased Patient 7/30/18


“I had a problem again, they gave me an MRI, and was operated again, Dr. Ward done everything right just not enough cutting and removing, I do thank Dr. Ward for everything.  All of you there are great and I thank all of you.  This was done 3 weeks ago so I haven’t tried out my foot.” Sammy 6/4/18


“It was excellent and informative.  You all just are helpful and kind.  So thanks for all you help.” Patricia 5/29/18


“Excellent for our family.  A product was recommended for callouses and our feet look pretty good.” Jacquelyn 5/25/18


“Dr. Ivey is great!” Another Adoring Patient 5/23/18


“Very nice!  I love this doctors office.  Very professional and compassionate.” Pete 5/23/18


“Awesome, we love Dr. Tenny and all of the staff!  You guys are the BEST!!” Mr. and Mrs. Pino 5/14/18


“Perfect! Love this place❤” Susie 5/8/18


“Always great experience with Dr. Ivey and his staff.  Vert patient, and caring.  Thank you for everything you have done for me Dr Ivey.  See you in 6 months.” Pauli 5/8/18


“Excellent kind staff and knowledgeable doctor! ‘ Happy Patient 5/8/18


“It was awesome and great, like always!!  We love Dr. Tenny and his staff.” Tammy and Carlos 4/9/18


“It was great!!  This doctors office always treats me with so much patience, and explains everything to my understanding.  They always have a smile on their face.  I love my doctors office!!” Patient in Love 3/30/18


“Awesome visit and staff.  Hands down to all the ladies, they deal with me calling and needing things done for work and they are just super pleasant.  I know they have a hard job.” A.C. 3/28/18


“Awesome as always!!!” Amanda 3/19/18


“My experience was great.  Everyone on the staff was welcoming and made me feel comfortable.  The doctor was extremely informative and helped me see the benefit behind the custom orthotic.” Pleased Patient 3/14/18


“Dr. Ivey worked wonders on my foot!  I feel wonderful.  You all are great and I’m so glad I found you.  Thank you!” S.M. 3/14/18


“Wonderful!  Had wrong day but you all saw me anyways.  Everyone was so helpful.  Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.” Liz 3/7/18


“It was a good visit with a good doctor.” Very happy patient 3/1/18


“Awesome!” Tom 2/28/18


“Most excellent from desk to door.  High marks for attention and efficiency.  Celina was very thorough and perceptive.  Dr. Ivey is an excellent diagnostician, evaluator and listener.  Thank you!” D.P.J. 2/28/18


“Helps my feet feel good.  Thanks!” ❤ 2/28/18 “This place is Feet-tastic!” ? 2/28/18 “Good people.” J. Smith 2/28/18


“Everyone here is  awesome.  Great job!” Happy Patient 2/27/18


“You have a very efficient office.  Reminder calls are always done, and we appreciate it a lot.  Thank you!” Beverly & daughter 2/27/18


“You’re the BEST Dr. Ward!” Sadie 2/27/18 “Thank you for all your love and support over the many several years.” Alyssa 2/26/18


“Best foot and ankle doc in ABQ.  Thank you!” ❤ 2/26/18 “


Thank you Dr. Ivey and his staff.  You all have the most beautiful hearts.” ❤ 2/26/18 “Eva was awesome!” C. 2/23/18


“Dr. Ivey is the best!  Have been seeing him for many years.  Thank you!” Frances 2/23/18


“Love the help…what a crew!” Bob 2/22/18 “Love all of you!  Keep up the great work.” M.G. 2/22/18


“Thanks so much.  Awesome Dr. Ward and all staff.” Darla 2/21/18 “


Very well.  It was nice to see Dr. Ivey again.  He is always very professional and yet he’s still highly humorous!  He is very, very awesome.  Always making my feet happy.” Dominic’s Happy Feet ?   2/21/18


“What an awesome place to come, such cheerful and kind personnel.  Thank you all for your cheerful encouragement – it helps the healing!” P.H.C.  2/20/18


“Dr. Ivey and Staff, Happy Valentines Day!  My foot is so beautiful and NO PAIN.” Christine 2/14/18“


Missed seeing Gabby.  She’s very sweet on the phone, and really takes care of the patients.  Very professional.” Patricia R. 2/13/18


“Excellent!  Removal of a thorn-like thing with Dr. Tenny.  Pleasure to meet and with treatment.  Loved the staff.” Extremely Satisfied Patient 2/9/18


“Very good! Dr. Ivey was great.  He answered all my foot questions to my understanding.  Very professional and efficient as was the whole staff.  Thank you!” Heidi A. 2/7/18


“Lanette was efficient and professional as usual.  My experience was great!” Carl C. 1/30/18


“Today was my follow up appointment with my new Moore Balance braces.  The brace takes a while to get used to but what a big difference they make.  I can walk again!!  I am stable and confident while walking and these braces gave me my freedom back.  I don’t stumble anymore and I couldn’t have done this without the support of my wife and the staff at NM Foot & Ankle Institute.  Thank you!” John 1/29/18


“Very excellent.  Especially Dr. Williamson and the crew.” Ernest L. 1/26/18


“Dr. Williamson is the best!  His staff is also great.  Always have a smile on their faces and willing to help.” Gail K. 1/26/18


“Laura is professional and competent. I feel that I am in experienced hands.  She is a tremendous asset to this practice.” R.M. 1/24/18


“Dr. Ivey has a pleasant manner and very professional.  Great work.” Richard A. 1/24/18


“The whole staff is always awesome!!  So glad I found you.  Thank you!” Connie B. 1/26/18


“Information from doctor and tech was great.  Staff was very friendly.” Happy Patient 1/22/18


“Always, always on time!! I’ve never had to wait over my appointment time.” Appreciative Patient 1/18/18


“Awesome, as usual!  Every person I encounter from front office to Dr. Ward to medical assistants, is always pleasant, helpful, professional & super friendly.” S.C. 1/18/18


“Justin Wards callous removal is virtually pain free, I don’t get nervous during the process, he gives good advice on preventing callous build up.”   Beatrice M. 1/12/18


“Wonderful, Dr. Williamson is great!  Very experienced and kind.  I would recommend him and his staff.” Heather M. 11/27/17


“Dr. Ivey is awesome!” Happy Patient 11/21/17 “


I am writing to compliment one of your employees.  I have had the pleasure of having Brianna take of my intake information at both locations.  She always has a smile and listens patiently to your concerns.  She appears to be happy in her workspace.  The type of employee I would want at a business of mine.” Shirley S. 11/12/17


“Started out bad experience just finding office but wonderful once we got in.  Carmen felt bad, so she made up a packet of goodies.  Medical assistant and doctor were wonderful.  Very impressed!” Signed,  I’ll be coming back 11/7/17


“Good people!  They are always nice and helpful.” Joe P. 11/3/17


“It’s always excellent!  Everyone her is so sweet and nice.  Thank you all.” Sandra R. 10/30/17 “Very professional doctor, very knowledgeable, explains everything very clearly.  Nice experience!” Darla F. 10/26/17


“I would like to commend nurse Lanette.  I had major surgery on my foot.   Her ease and expertise in caring for me was excellent.  I give her the highest mark:  5 Stars.” P.M. 10/25/17


“Laura gave me a wonderful nail treatment today.  Great communicating regarding what’s going on with my nails and a very thorough treatment.  Thank you!”  Margery P. 10/24/17


“Very good!  Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful.” Albuquerque Native 10/20/17


“Very nice!  The staff are always welcoming and kind.  Thank you!”  S.A. 10/19/17


“My visit today was great!  Everyone was very nice to me.  I will be letting others know.”  Happy Feet 10/14/17


“Dr. Ward helped my end of toe feel better.  He took pressure off of it.  I appreciate the appointment was made in one day.” T.K. 10/5/17


“Went great.  Was good that I’ve been given the help to make life better.”  James S. 9/23/17


“As always, Dr. Williamson, office manager, Carmen, were professional but very friendly.  I go out of my way to go to this doctor just because of this.”  Ed. E. 9/16/17


“Great as always…I have been coming for years and never had a bad visit.  Keep up the good work.”  Nicole G. 9/8/17


“Excellent experience.  Doctor very thorough and compassionate.  He explained everything very well.  I learned much from his educational explanations.”  Charlotte H. 9/12/17


“Fine…as usual.  The docs here do great work.  The techs are nice also.”  Happy Patient 9/15/17


“Awesome!!!  Brianna is a great asset to your clinic.  Thanks for your kindness and patience.  Dr. Williamson also is awesome.  Professional, kind and patient.  Thanks Brianna and Dr. Williamson!”  P.J., RN 9/1/17


“Excellent experience from the time I met Dr. Williamson through pre-op teaching to post-op exams.  Thank you team for the best care.”  Regina 9/1/17 “


Great!!!  Thank you!” Elizabeth O. 8/17/17


“Today’s experience was very pleasant and fun.  We appreciate everyone’s happy and friendly attitudes.  I feel very hopeful that I am on the way to recovering using the boot Dr. Ward gave me for treatment.  Thanks for being a bright spot on ABQ’s medical map.” Deborah C. 8/10/17


“Thorough and efficient review of symptoms, evaluation and treatment plan.” Paul E. 8/10/17 “


Awesome!!  I love Dr. Tenny and all the staff, Very informative and caring.  Can’t wait to come back!  Great work!  I will definitely refer you guys.” Local Resident 8/9/17


“Visit with Dr. Ivey was great.  Ingrown toenail surgery looked good and well healed.  Dr. Ivey is very informative.” Happy New Mexican 8/9/17


“Very pleased with Dr. Ivey.  Tilly was very nice and would definitely recommend this office.” ?  8/9/17


“Awesome! Very friendly support staff.” J.M., #1 Foot and Ankle Fan 8/9/17


“Very good!  Everyone was very nice and we have a good plan to eliminate my pain.”  Keith 8/8/17 “Amazing!  Dr. Ivey was super informative and helpful.  Selena was amazing!” Another happy patient 8/8/17


“I was issued the More Balance Brace for my ankles and it has made a huge difference.  My back doesn’t hurt, I can walk faster, I can walk without my walker for short distances.  It is very comfortable! It is light-weight and I hardly feel it when I have it on.  Without it, its a lot harder to get around, I was slower, my back hurt, and I felt awkward from a lack of balance.  This brace has helped me so much!” Pat C. 8/7/17


“Hi Dr. Williamson, Thanks for your patience.  I really appreciate you and your staff, so efficient and kind.  I think you are a great surgeon.”  Best Wishes, C.K. 7/31/17


“Amber was very nice.  Dr. Ivey seems to really care.” Happy Patient 7/24/17


“The RSVP Advisory Council thanks you for your participation in the 17th annual RSVP Volunteer Breakfast and for your continued support of seniors in our community.  We look forward to your participation in next year’s event!” Sincerely,  Gene F., President of the RSVP Advisory Council 7/18/17


“It was very much appreciated due to the fact I came to the wrong location but the lady out front was very professional and nice.  She got me in quickly.  I appreciate all staff and the doctor for making me feel comfortable.” Appreciative Patient 7/12/17


“GREAT!  Comforting assessment with Dr. Williamson, filling in more important details on my post-surgery/recovery.  Then amazing stitch removal by Sydney.  She was so gentle and skilled.  I had been dreading this, not understanding how post-surgery worked, the ‘team’ was great.  Many thanks!” Ann D. 7/10/17


“I appreciate Dr. Williamson’s attention to detail.  I love and highly recommend the cast covers for showering.  The best invention!  I appreciate the excellent service of the whole staff here, especially Ashlie.” Bell S. 7/10/17


“Ashlie is extremely professional and knowledgeable.” Stanlee E. 6/28/17


“We always have a good experience with staff and doctor.  They are friendly.” Another happy patient. 6/26/17


“Yes! It was so helpful. I’m so glad you talked me into it. The shot wasn’t even painful. You have the Midas touch! My new orthotics arrived and they’re wonderful. Thank you Dr. Ivey. Nathan Ivey’s Mom 6/3/17 “


Always #1 in my book.  Keep us the good work.  Good team work!!!”  MC 5/1/17 “Everybody is just wonderful and always very concerned about my health.”  Dolores S. 4/20/17


“Ashlie is very personable and helped me relax and took me early.”  Helen 3/28/17


“I always feel well informed.  Dr. Ivey is the best!!  Staff makes you feel like family [wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”]” April 3/28/17


“Excellent!  Dr. Ward and staff is great.”  J.N. 3/28/17


“Thank you for everything!  The outcome was great and the STAFF was great” Sam 3/23/17 “Dr. Ward, Thank you so much for coming to Oasis earlier this month for your lecture on Foot and Ankle Care.  We always ask for feedback and comments included:  the doctor had great material; learned so much; great class.  Thank you also for donating your honorarium back to Oasis – we are a small non-profit and we are grateful to you!  Thanks again.  Best!” Kathleen at Oasis Albuquerque 3/21/17


“Daniella was very professional and informative.  She made my day!  Thank you.” C.C. 3/14/17 “


The MLS Laser Therapy has definitely been helpful with my healing, less pain and the treatments are short and not painful too.  Thank you for this service! ” Emily B. 3/10/17


“Awesome!!! I am very pleased and amazed on how professional and helpful the doctor that saw my 13 year old son was/is.  The nurse was friendly and they both went out of their way to help our needs.  Thank you NM Foot & Ankle Institute! [wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”]” C.M. 3/10/17


“Dr. Ivey and Staff,  Thank you so much for taking such great care of me.  You all always have smiling faces & patience.  You all are awesome!  Thank you so much.”  Kellie O., 2/3/17


“Great!  Dr. Ivey was very personal and detailed inclusive.  He seems to really care about his patients.  Will recommend him to daughter and others.”  Wanda K., 2/1/17


“Very good, done very well!” John D., 1/26/17 “Thank you for all you gave to our Giving Tree at Grant Middle School.  With your donation, we were able to give gifts to our students that would not have received gifts for Christmas.  We hope you had a happy holidays and a great new year!  Thanks again.” – YDI ELEV8, January 23, 2017


“I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Ivey and his amazing staff. Dr. Ivey explained everything very thorough, in words that I could understand. He answered all of my questions. He was understanding and empathetic. His Nurse Lynette is also knowledgeable and comforting. I will continue to go to Dr. Ivey for all my foot needs.” – Barbara C., January 18, 2017


“Dr. Justin Ward is a knowledgeable, competent physician who listens to your concerns and addresses all of them.  I would highly recommend him.”  – Arlene F. of Albuquerque, Janaury 3, 2017


“Thank you for helping to make Christmas wonderful for one of our students and their family!  It’s truly wonderful to have such amazing support for our students”. – Julieana R., Grant Middle School


“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate Stormy. She is so pleasant and professional, and really knows her stuff! I always look forward to my visits to your office.  Hello also to Dr Ivey. Thanks for everything to all.” – Debbie W., a grateful patient. September 2016


“Good morning Dr. Nathan Ivey, Your ‘Foot and Ankle’ newsletters are received, and read, every month. I said, ‘Right on!’ because I found so much of the information in this month’s newsletter not just textbook advice but really good, sound suggestions for daily living in our golden years. If a person really wants to experience ‘golden years’ in their 70s, 80s and beyond they can. At 88 I am still going strong and I give much of the credit to the fact that I eat right and for years walked 2.5 miles five days a week, plus remaining physically active throughout the day. In 2012 I did have a very serious stroke, BUT I believe my recovery is the result of a positive attitude toward life. I exercise daily and my cognitive recuperation has allowed me to write a book which will go to press within a week. Fresh fruits and vegetables and daily exercise are only part of my daily routine. I continue to be active in senior volunteer activities (I, too, was at the luncheon) and do most of my work electronically. I enjoy life and expect to be around for awhile. Thanks for all you do to help us all stay on top and on our feet.” – Rowena of Albuquerque. June 21, 2016″I had a TT fusion Sept. 2014 done by Dr. Nathan Ivey. His staff is very friendly and helpful. Carmen at the front desk helped me work through insurance issues. Dr. Ivey takes his time and explains everything to you and listens to your concerns. I never felt like he was trying to rush through my appointment. He really cares. I would highly recommend Dr. Ivey for any of your sport injuries or podiatric problems.” – Cathy L. April 17, 2015


“Was suffering from pain in my ankle and foot while I ran which was impeding me. I love to run so needed to know if I was causing irreparable damage or simply missing something. The staff was wonderful, competent, polite, thorough and quick. They took a couple x-rays and the doctor reviewed them with me immediately – same day! He allowed me plenty of time to ask questions about shoes, posture, tools and tips to alleviate the concern and even a discussion about best running shoes just for my feet. Highly recommend!” – Anna D., Rio Rancho.  8/29/14


“I am so glad that I made the trip to ABQ to see Doctor Williamson. It was so worth it. Very explanatory of what my foot issues may be. I will never again wait 3 weeks to see him if my foot starts hurting. Also, he has a kind, considerate staff with a lot of patience! Thank you NM Foot and Ankle, I can’t wait to be fully well and continue to walk again!”  – Tina L.  8/8/14


“Diabetic foot check and toenail trimming for my mother.  They treat her like a queen!” – Daughter in ABQ. 6/12/14


“Thank you for fixing my foot. It feels great. However, I think I am going to try to avoid breaking my foot again.” – Adam R.  6/9/14


“Thank you for all of your help. I actually enjoyed coming in for my visits. Everyone is absolutely amazing! Take care.” – Vanessa H.  3/14


“After another doctor ignored my symptoms I was given a referral to Dr. Ivey. Dr. Ivey has performed three surgeries on both my feet from 2010-2014 to fix all my problems. “Dr. Ivey is a wonderful doctor and surgeon! He is very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest surgery techniques. I came to him after I was told there was nothing wrong with my foot and the pain I was experiencing was just arthritis. Dr. Ivey took X-rays and saw something different on the film so he sent me for an MRI. My sesamoid was broken and had turned necrotic. Dr Ivey immediately scheduled me for surgery and two weeks later I was pain free! Dr. Ivey took great care of me during that surgery and two years later when I had plantar fasciitis I went back and he had to do surgery and eventually had to do both feet. I am a walker and Dr. Ivey has always made sure I’m not in any pain. He has wonderful bedside manner and his nurses and staff are the best! I highly recommend Dr. Ivey to anyone who has bad feet or ankles. He never rushes me and always addresses any and all of my concerns. I have seen other posts giving him negative reviews but please take into consideration those people only went to him once and he wasn’t given the opportunity to fix those feet. I will never allow anyone but Dr. Ivey to touch my feet! He is the best in my book!! Also his staff are the best and do their best to take care of me as well.” – Billie Jean, 3/18/14


“This appointment was for an injury to my toe.  Dr. Ivey was fantastic and got me in the same day for treatment.  He did a fantastic job with the initial treatment and has seen me numerous times since for additional treatment and follow-up appointments. He and his entire staff are excellent.My family and I have all been seeing Dr. Ivey for many years.  He has performed foot surgeries on two of my daughters, treated my daughters for other sports related injuries, and treated me for a couple of injuries as well.  He and his staff are all fantastic.  They are friendly and caring.  They have a genuine concern for taking care of their patients and do not ignore concerns no matter how minor they may seem.  I recently injured myself and called to explain it was a fairly significant injury and his office got me in the same day.  I have seen him multiple times on the past week and a half for this injury and have received exceptional care every time.  The office if prompt in the appointment times and I never wait more than 10 minutes. I would highly recommend Dr. Ivey for all podiatry and ankle care!!!” – Julie W., 4/21/14


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